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We Take the Frustration Out of PPP Lending and Forgiveness

Like most banks, credit unions, or nonbank lenders, you’re probably working through your Paycheck Protection Program or PPP originations. We're getting ahead of the next round of PPP to offer the most comprehensive PPP solution on the market.

We automate the entire PPP process from origination to forgiveness, helping Lenders: 

  • Improve customer experience by making borrower collaboration seamless.
  • Scale your PPP program while reducing the impact on your teams with end-to-end automation.
  • Ensure compliance with automated 1502 reports

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Finally, software features that make your work life easier


Automated Borrower PPP Application Web-service

Email or embed a link on a webpage inviting borrowers to submit their PPP loan via a web- service.


Automated Closing Documents

We automate closing docs but give you the flexibility to manage it using your workflow process.


Integrated Supporting Documentation Management

Manage all of your PPP and borrower documents in one location, allowing multiple users to access the necessary documents. 


Automatic Boarding PPP Data to Loan Manager

Automatically board your loan data to our SBA specific loan accounting system Loan Manager.


ETRAN Submission Automation Through Web API

We send the necessary information and data documentation directly to ETRAN, automatically.


Perfected 1502 Reporting Automatically

We have one of the only systems that will automatically create a perfect 1502 report and manage the disbursements of PPP funds.

SBA Lenders We’ve Helped Get Their PPP Right

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